ADAPT-MAT mat foundation

Screen Shots

ADAPT-MAT is a comprehensive 3D Finite Element program for designing and analyzing reinforced concrete and post-tensioned mat foundations, whether with or without grade beams. ADAPT-MAT will automatically calculate the required reinforcement at all locations in your foundation.

Image 1. Mat Foundation Modeled in ADAPT-MAT using Component Technology
Modeling even the most complex structures is easy and intuitive using ADAPT's Component Technology. All structural components including the mat foundation, openings, grade beams, steps, columns and walls are modeled as they appear in the imported CAD file.

Image 2. Mat Foundation automatically meshed with ADAPT Adaptive Meshing technology
ADAPT-MAT quickly meshes the entire mat foundation using unique Adaptive Meshing technology.

Image 3. Graphical Display of FEM Analysis Results
ADAPT-MAT displays analysis results in both 2D and 3D views. Fully interactive results offer engineers "fingertip" access to the data they need. Analysis results are organized and easily accessed through a folder structure.