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ADAPT® BIM Technology Reinvents RC Design.

Now you can intelligently design your Reinforced Concrete slabs and mat foundations with Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in ADAPT-Builder™. Model, analyze, optimize, and document your reinforcement designs using fully editable 3D rebar objects.

Save hours of redundant data entry and dramatically shorten your design cycles while achieving the most accurate designs and drawings possible.

New and more flexible RC design process
  • Generate 3D model using DWG or Revit® Structure model
  • Define any configuration of base reinforcement (optional)
  • Calculate automatically additional rebar requirements
  • Optimize and customize bar sizes and lengths
  • Adjust dynamically orientation of rebar
  • Calculate cracked deflections precisely
  • Export rebar layout to DWG or Revit Structure
Best of all, you can easily incorporate design changes in your project by simply modifying the geometry and loading of your model and rerunning your design. ADAPT-Builder will automatically keep your rebar edits and calculate any additional reinforcement required.

We have reinvented RC design by giving structural engineers full control over the definition, design, placement, orientation and customization of reinforcement in their 3D slab and foundation models. Unlike traditional software tools that simply generate a graphic of reinforcement requirements, each design iteration in ADAPT-Builder is based on the exact location of rebar specified in the slab and any modifications made to the reinforcement in a previous run.

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Move forward to the next level of RC slab and mat design. See an online demo of how ADAPT-Builder can radically improve your rebar design efficiency.

video ADAPT BIM Technology for RC Design (5 min)

ADAPT-Builder Design Suite

ADAPT-Builder Suite

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